If you are looking for interesting white wines to try this year, discover the wine trade’s favourite: dry Riesling

Two thirds of Rieslings on the world market are now from Germany, grown in all regions, with large areas in the Mosel

A movement called Generation Riesling is striving to impart a younger image using social media including Twitter and Facebook

One rising star at the forefront of this Riesling uprising is
Jan Matthias Klein of Staffelter Hof in the Mosel. Jan makes a wide, diverse range of wines from light hearted, pink sparkling Casanova to complex, single vineyard Rieslings with the distinctive, ‘rock licking’ minerality the Mosel is known for. 

To read more about the
Mosel and its terroir, see the excellent wine info site Wine Doctor

Two other young winemakers producing modern, dry styles of Riesling are
Christian Nett of Bergdolt-Reif & Nett and Lisa Bunn of Margarethenhof

To learn more about Riesling in London, with UK wine expert AnneInVino, see class details here

For more info on German wines and Riesling, see Wines of Germany and on Riesling see Riesling Report.

(photo – Khiscott / Flickr Creative Commons)

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