Sometimes you read phrases but don’t really know what they mean until what they are describing hits you: true love, adverse camber… 

Fine wine is another. One man’s dream bottle may be dull, predictable and unchallenging to someone else. 

Raeburn redefines the ‘fine wine’ concept by seeming to choose and promote wines away from the usual, ‘tick box’ list. The only common ground with other fine wine merchants is that many of Raeburn’s wines are rare, desirable and expensive. 

One of the hot categories at the moment is ‘Grower Champagne‘. Raeburn has a fantastic range along with other really interesting fizz from Italy and France. 

Three recommendations from Raeburn’s portfolio are: 

Filaine Brut Speciale Champagne, France. In a world of big name dominance, when you taste interesting Grower Champagne you vow never to drink a Grandes Marques again. Made from 1.5 hectares in Vinay by a Frenchman with a full time job elsewhere whose cellar outfit is a string vest and a cigarette dangling from the corner of his lips! 

Bronda Moscato Rosso, Nizza di Monferrato, Italy. Sweet red sparkling wine? Surely not. Mais oui when it tastes like this. Old rose petal flavours and oily, viscous texture doesn’t sound good on paper, but it is gorgeous. If you want a vinous thrill, seek it out: perfect for elegant puddings. Reminds of a roomful of Italian mamas gossiping and eating cakes. 

Renardat-Fache, AOC Cerdon-Bugey, France. A low alcohol (7.5% ABV) pink fizz using red varieties Poulsard and Gamay from a little known region in eastern France. Made in a pétillant style, it is enticing, unusual and refreshing. Begging for a platter of ripe, artisan cheeses with sour dough bread and some jazz in a moody bar.

To buy the wines, contact Raeburn Fine Wines. See the website.

(photo – Jeff Balke / Flickr Creative Commons)

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