UNESCO Champagne

UNESCO Champagne: In July 2015, the French region producing the world’s most famous sparkling wine, Champagne, was awarded the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage status for its […]

Stylish, Italian Franciacorta

Stylish, Italian Franciacorta: If you were asked ‘What’s the best known sparkling wine in Italy?’ Franciacorta may not yet be the first name to spring to […]

Snog Marry Avoid Wines

Snog Marry Avoid Wines: Love can appear complicated. However, it really boils down to one thing – you like someone or you don’t. Wine is […]

Spanish Beauties

Spanish Beauties: There’s so much more to Spain than Rioja, one of the UK’s most popular Spanish wines. If you’re new to the region of Catalunya, […]

Madeira Top Tips

Madeira Top Tips Madeira is Portuguese – a mountainous, volcanic island in the Atlantic ocean, to the west coast of Africa, on the same latitude […]

Greek Wedding Wines

Greek Wedding Wines: If you’re planning a wedding this year and love wine, you may be thinking of getting married in a wine region. The […]

Cool Champagne

Cool Champagne: Champagne is probably the coolest wine. Most people have tried some of the big names, known as Grandes Marques. However, grower aka vigneron, is the most cool Champagne, made […]

Chardonnay? Chablis!

Chardonnay? Chablis! The white grape grown all over the world, fell from grace in the UK partly due to an abundance of tropical fruit driven, […]

Greek Fine Wines

Greece has an ancient wine making history and some fine wines to rival the best Italian big names. Nemea in the north Peloponnese is one renowned […]

Oh yes, Burgundy

They say in Burgundy that their wines are like orgasms – if you don’t go weak at the knees, you haven’t had a good one.   […]