Slovenia‘s catchphrase is I Feel Love

Whether Slovenia is inspired by the Disco Queen, 
Donna Summer or just feels poetic having so many high quality indigenous varieties at its disposal, the wines are certainly made with passion. 

Bordering north-east Italy, Slovenia’s international white grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are joined by Rebulla and Furmint, all making dense, perfumed wines with texture and interest. 

, the grape of the famous, sweet Tokaji in Hungary, makes fresh, herbaceous dry whites, sometimes with a light touch of barrel ageing to increase complexity. To try a dry Furmint, see Majestic, here.

Acclaimed Slovenian producers include
Movia making wild, funky styles – organically – using native yeasts. Sometimes wild goes over the top but here is kept in check to make confident, characterful wines. 

Marjan Simcic, in contrast, produces slick ‘international’ styles, the Pinot Noir particularly successful, with the smooth, sweet fruit and smoky oak flavours of top quality New Zealand Pinots. 

have a Slovenian Pinot Grigio if you want to start exploring the country’s wines with a familiar grape variety. Buy online here, or £8.99 in store.

See a blog on Slovenia region and wines by UK wine writer Matt Walls here. For general info on Slovenia, see and

(photo – Rowena Waack)

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