Domaines Paul Mas is the closest thing to a wine brand in the Languedoc

This diverse region of southern France is one of its biggest areas of wine production with numerous interesting indigenous varieties and producers of all sizes from small holders to large co-operatives. 

Domaines Paul Mas has a philosophy defined as ‘dynamic viticulture’ – a ‘sustainable agriculture’ – working in harmony with the environment and considering the soil as the essential, living element. 

A combination of ‘ancestral’ working techniques and modern technology ensures as good a wine as possible and preserves the environment. 

The Languedoc area has some interesting native grapes such as the white Vermentino, Marsanne and Picpoul. 

Reds encompass the usual ‘international’ grapes such as Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Cinsault, Carignan and Grenache. 

Domaines Paul Mas wines are widely available including from Majestic and Co-op in the UK.  The wines are fruit-driven, slick and accomplished yet with individual character and regional expression. 

Especially recommended are the textured, round Chardonnay Limoux and the red Mas des Mas de Montpellier, an earthy, spicy Mouvedre, Syrah, Grenache blend. 

For more info on the region see here. To buy wines from a Languedoc specialist in the UK with an extensive range, see Terroir Languedoc.

(photo – Steve Weaver / Flickr Creative Commons)

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