Cool Champagne

Cool Champagne: Champagne is probably the coolest wine. Most people have tried some of the big names, known as Grandes Marques.

However, grower aka vigneron, is the most cool Champagne, made by smaller, family producers offering diversity and interest for lovers of this classic region in northern France.

Grower Champagnes (
RM  on the label) can be vintage, non vintage, rosé and prestige cuvées, using the Champagne grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

A visit to Champagne Jacquart in Reims showed that large co-operatives can produce grower quality Champagne too, when vineyard management and the blending of the selected vins clairs is given meticulous care and attention.

See a video interview with Jacquart’s winemaker Floriane Eznack and the website. Buy the Jacquart Champagnes from Great Western Wine.

The Sampler in Islington NW and South Kensington SW London has always championed grower Champagne and was one of the first London wine shops to use Enomatic wine fridges to offer wine and Champagne tasting before buying.

There are also some excellent grower Champagnes at Raeburn Fine Wines.

For information on grower Champagnes see Champagnes de Vignerons. For more general info, see the Champagne Bureau website .

(photo –
Aldaryn Grayraven / Flickr Creative Commons)

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