Anyone who says chocolate and wine don’t go together isn’t in touch with their sensuous side. 

Sweet sparkling wines like Asti go with white chocolate. An excellent dinner party pudding is a white chocolate mousse with a ‘boozy berry’ sauce (mixed berries simmered and reduced down in sweet wine). 

is a good choice for truffles and bitter, dark chocolate. One of the best whisky shops in London is Whisky Exchange at Vinopolis. Many foodies’ favourite chocolate pudding is the classic dark chocolate tart. See Simon Hopkinson‘s recipe here

Dense red wines with concentrated fruit flavours like
Zinfandel, Argentine Malbec and the Touriga grape varieties from Portugal go well with complex, single estate bars such as those by Willie’s Cacao, available from Waitrose. For an excellent range of Malbec, see UK specialist Argentine Wine Online

Tawny port
is delicious with anything nutty. 
Sweet Sherry Moscatel and Rutherglen Muscats match most chocolates and puddings for a safe choice. Moscatel de Valencia is inexpensive and has a fragrant tang to match citrus flavoured chocolate and cakes. 

If you haven’t yet reached the nirvana of fresh, handmade artisan chocolates, try 
Melt, William Curley and Paul A. Young, three of London’s top independent chocolatiers. Buy Melt‘s fabulous new chocolate recipe book on Amazon.

(photo – Charming Potion / Flickr Creative Commons)

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