If you thought rosé wine was just for summer, think again. 

Many people embark on diets or an alcohol cut back in the New Year and rosé makes a light, versatile wine for salads and healthy suppers. 

Most wine producing countries now make rosé. Stylistically, rosé wines range from pale, dry and interesting to full-bodied and fruity, almost like light reds. There is a wide range of sweetness level (often not specified on the label nor obvious by colour). 

Traditional Provence 
rosé is firmly in the former camp, whilst nevertheless coming in a wide colour spectrum. This beautiful region in the south of France is probably the best known and acclaimed area in the world for pink wine. There is even a rosé research centre

Current Provence 
rosé wine recommendations include: 

Domaine de la Grande Séouve,
Aix Rosé, 2011, £19.99 1.5L magnum, Majestic. Magnums always look generous for a lunch or dinner party. This innovative producer uses sustainable agriculture to make a minerally, fine-textured wine with enough body for food. Perfect with goats’ cheese salad or asparagus tart. 

Domaines Ott, Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain, 2011, £34.95, Roberson. The grande fromage of Provence rosé, with good reason. As stylish and attractive as Bridget Bardot. Despite its classic, pale colour, it has the structure and weight in the mouth to drink with meat dishes. One to impress at a romantic supper. 

For a more affordable rosé from a charming family producer, Mirabeau is available from Waitrose and direct. See here for their website showing life making wine. 

There are other recommendations in the excellent Pocket Wine Book by Hugh Johnson. Hugh describes 
rosé: ‘From being a seasonal frivolity to a year round staple.’ 

rosé wine making methods, see here for an easy to understand explanation. For more info on the wines of Provence, see Provence Wines website. 

If you haven’t yet visited
Provence, pack your bags this summer. Expensive it may be, but as they say, ‘You’re worth it’. 

See Owners Direct for villas and accommodation. The closest airports are Marseille, Avignon and Nice

(photo – Yannyyss)

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