London’s Best Wine Bars

London’s Best Wine Bars Reviews by Jenny Mackenzie for Londonist – specialist London info website. London’s wine bar scene has exploded in the last couple […]

Ladies Who Launch

Ladies Who Launch – Promoting female role models, networking and sharing work and life changing stories. My thoughts on life/work balance, the importance of wellness, […]

Drink English Wine

 Drink English Wine – If you try to buy local food and support UK producers, you could also aim to drink more English wine. The […]

Viva Verona

Viva Verona – city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Venice may get all the attention yet Verona a short distance away is just as visit worthy. Apprenez en plus en Français.. […]

How to Write a Novel

How to write a novel –  If you’re ‘born to write’ as they say, or at least it’s what you would spend all day doing […]

Bordeaux Rosé

One of the best known wine regions is Bordeaux. If it were a fashion label it might be Margaret Howell: masculine, restrained, aloof and timeless. […]

Nederburg Wines and Cycling in Devon

Nederburg Wines Nederburg Wines is a farm in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, making high quality wines in all styles. The company recently hosted a wine and cycling […]

English Sparkling Wine

English sparkling wine is now of such good quality, if you’re tying the knot this year, your wedding fizz can be pleasingly patriotic not merely […]

Wine Holidays in Tuscany

If you are looking for the perfect wine tourism holiday, Tuscany is it. Florence in Tuscany is a beautiful Renaissance city, on the river Arno, with historical monuments and […]

Champagne Fashion

Champagne Fashion: Despite a tight budget for most households at this time of year, it’s worth buying decent Champagne. Just like clothes, you get what […]